MegaSquirted GLT!

This is a short description of how I converted my Volvo 240 GLT -82 (B23E engine) with Bosch CI to electronic fuel injection, controlled by MegaSquirt Do-It-Yourself fuel injection controller!

Homemade megasquirt.
The MS controller in the box, lying on the floor in the car.

I really need to clean my desk...
The homemade doublesided circuit board, with almost all components mounted. The PCB is modified, with larger lines and holes to make it easier to make the board at home. It takes some time to solder all components on both sides!

This is the engine. (Surprised?)
Doesn't look too nice, but it works. Intake manifold, injectors, fuel rail and pressure regulator from a newer Volvo 740. TPS from some Opel, many Saab's uses the same TPS too. Bosch number: 0 280 122 001. Here are two pictures of the TPS: front, back.

Yuch! Opel parts on my Volvo...
The new TPS doesn't fit directly, you have to cut of about 8mm of the axle, and make some new holes in the fastening plate to make it possible to fit the TPS correctly.

Rusty engine parts.
The old injectors were mounted in the header, and the new ones are mounted in the intake manifold. So I have to leave the old injectors in their place, to avoid four large holes into the intake.

Sorry for the bad image quality.
I used the original temperature sensor, and replaced the strange vacuum thermostat (used for the vacuum lines to the EGR valve) with one more temperature sensor of the same type. (The first originaly mounted on is used for the teperature meter on the dashboard.) Here are the file, if anyone are interested.

I have a friend who used to work in a car manifold factory, so he got me one round nut with the right thread that fits my O2 sensor perfectly. I soldered it into my exhaust pipe with silver solder. And the O2 sensor is also from 740.

Me, soldering the aluminium box.

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